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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.

by BRBR teacher: Rye 8th Team
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This is my gladiator journal. Our Social Studies teacher gave us a project to become a mini expert on gladiators. Every Social Studies class we learned about The Gladiatorial Games and Ancient Rome. So we put together a fictional journal from a point of view of a gladiator.


I just finished the day. I got up really early and went down to the arena. My lanista trained me until 12 o’ clock. It was like a work out session. We used weights to work my muscles. Then he taught me what a gladiator really was, like I didn’t already know. I was very upset at the old man because he made me use a fake wooden sword. He said I wasn’t ready to use a real one yet. I think they were afraid if I got a real one then I would try to escape. He told me that I had to prove myself first. After my training was over I went to eat. We, being the gladiators were on strict diets. All we could have were protein shakes, and energy stuff. I was so used to having three heavy main courses when I was back in Rome. We would have appetizers and soups like snails fed on milk, and barley soup with dried vegetables, topped with cabbage leaves. It was so good. Then we would have our main courses. There were a bunch of options but my favorites by far were, leg of boar, and smoked pig's stomach stuffed with brains, pine kernels, and peppercorns. Boy I miss those days. What really bothers me is that now we can't even have dessert. We used to be able to have sweet fricassee of pumpkin and egg sponge with milk in honey.

I went to my first fight at the amphitheater in Pompey. I am trying to work my way up to the big leagues fighting at the Colosseum in Rome. I am a Murmillo, which is a type of Roman Gladiator. We wear heavy armor. I have to wear a big, oval shaped, heavy shield, called a scutum. They were red with some kind of Roman symbol on them. We also had swords, that were not wooden practice swords. They were real swords called a gladius. These were infantry swords and were medium sized, probably 2 1/2 feet long. I had to wear a large dorsal, metal helmet with red fins on them. The last piece of equipment I had to put on was a leg greave. We already had a ton of armor on our upper body so we didn’t need much leg protection. We wore a boot on our left leg and then put the greave on top. That was what we wore in battle.
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