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In Social Studies, we did a project on Roman gladiators. We researched the life of Roman gladiators,the Colosseum,and daily life in Rome. After researching, we created a fictional journal about a fictional Roman gladiator, from the gladiators point of view. Here are two excerpts from my journal.

Excerpt 1:

I am now a trained Hoplomachus gladiator. Hoplomachus is one of the many different types of gladiators. They have a small bronze shield, like that of a hoplite, a spear to thrust at the opponent, a helmet with a crescent shaped crest and a griffin’s head on top, and heavily quilted defenses and leg greaves. Leg greaves are the armor that a gladiator wears on his legs. Of course, this dress style is specific to Hoplomachus, and every other type of gladiator dresses differently. Here are the other types of gladiators:

The name Murmillo comes from sea fish.
This gladiator has a large, heavy weight shield,
an infantry sword used to thrust at the opponent,
heavily padded over boot and leg greave on the
left leg to protect it from the opponent and
banging from his own shield, and a helmet
that has a large dorsal fin, representing sea fish.

This gladiator has a dagger, a shield, and leg bands.

This is the most vulnerable of gladiators. This
gladiator has a Trident to inflict blows at long
range, a net used like a whip to trip and ensnare
the opponent, a dagger used for the face off, and
only a shoulder guard to protect him.

Laquerius is similar to Retiarius. This gladiator
has a trident to inflict blows at long range, a
shoulder guard and arm armor, and no helmet.
The biggest difference between Laquerius and
Retiarius gladiators is that Laquerius have a lasso
to snag and trip his opponent, instead of a net.

This gladiator has a crested helmet, a sword, and
a large shield.

This gladiator chases his opponent, and is lightly

This gladiator has a small shield, curved dagger,
and leg greaves.

This gladiator has a helmet with no eye holes,
and charges blindly on horse back at his
This gladiator drives a horse drawn chariot.

This gladiator fights with two swords,and has
little armor.

This gladiator has only a spear.

It is very rare to see a female gladiator, but it does

As you can see, there are many types of gladiators. Some have a lot of armor, so some gladiators have attendants to carry their equipment. I must get back to practice now, I have my first battle tomorrow.


Excerpt 2:

I did very well today at my first battle. It began with a warm up fight, using wooden swords, while spectators gambled on which one of us they thought would win. Then we were given our real weapons, and musicians began to play flutes ,war trumpets, and pipes. The battle was tough, I was up against a Retiarius and almost got snagged several times by his net, but my agility from fighting back home came in very handy. The Retiarius did succeed in stabbing my arm with his Trident though, and the doctor has to tend to the wound. Luckily, I managed to knock him to the ground during the face off and keep him there, and I won the battle. He raised one finger on his left hand to appeal to the Emperor, who then turned to the crowd and asked what they wanted. The crowd decided to spare his life, by turning their thumbs up and waving their handkerchiefs around, but they also seemed very pleased by my first performance. I am very thankful there were awnings today, for it was extremely hot. The awnings, which are used for shade to cool the inside of the Colosseum since there are no breezes inside the Colosseum, are canvas suspended by a system of ropes, which are suspended from 240 wooden masts, which are supported by 3 stone brackets per each of the 80 bays at the top of the Colosseum. A group of sailors execute the complex operation of raising and lowering the awnings. “Vela erunt”- “there will be awnings”- is posted outside the arena to encourage people to come to the performances. I hope I continue to do this well as I move on to fight more battles in the Colosseum. It is mid-day now, and those who survive until mid-day get to rest and watch prisoners fight.


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