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In  social studies for the past week, our class has been studying Roman gladiators.  We learned about daily life in Rome for the gladiators and the way that they trained for the games.  We also learned about the different types of gladiators and the Colosseum.  Here is an excerpt from my journal:

March 23, 234

    Today was my first day at the ludas gladiatorius.  I am starting in the first grade.  Agrippa was the first lanista that I met at the school.  He is retired from being a Secutor.  He is one of the fastest runners I have ever seen.

March 23, 234

    A ludas gladiatorius was a training school for gladiators.  Gladiators have to go through grade levels.  Agrippa was a lanista, meaning that he used to be a gladiator but has retired.  He now taught at the school.  A Secutor is a type of gladiator that chases his opponent.  He would have had to run a lot in his training, if he wanted to be a strong and popular Secutor.


March 24, 234

    Today was my second day at school and I was given my sword.  I have started my daily exercising and I have been assigned to a barrack, where I have a trainer.  In the barracks that I am in, everyone is of the same fighting style.  Tonight we are to be bonded together in a formal association.

March 24, 234

    The sword that a gladiator in-training would use would be made of wood.  It keeps the gladiators from seriously hurting or even killing their opponent in practice.  The gladiators would exercise daily to build up the strength they would need in battle.  The larger barracks would have their own trainer.  The fighting styles were grouped with each other so it would be easier for the trainers to teach.  When they were bonded together in formal association, it means that they would try to be a gladiator and not intentionally hurt themselves or each other.


May 14, 234

    We started the day with a warm-up and then all the gamblers placed their bets.  We got our weapons and then the musicians piped up.  Next I fought to the death with Alba.  After hours of fighting, she was injured and I was awarded with a wooden sword.  It doesn't really help me.  She still lived.

May 14, 234

    Opponents would have practiced with wooden swords while gamblers set their bets on either gladiator.  When the gladiators were given their weapons, in Aeliana's case, a shield and a sword, the musicians began to play their flutes, pipes, and war trumpets.  The gladiators would then fight to the death or serious injury of the other.  Wooden swords were given to the victor.  The sword symbolized freedom.  Palm branches might have also been given to the victor.   The emperor would have listened to the crowd to decide if the gladiator lived or died.  The crowd must have thought highly of the gladiator or he or she would have been killed and dragged out of the Colosseum. 

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