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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.

by SJCA teacher: Rye 8th Team

In social studies class we researched Roman Gladiators, everyday life as a Roman, and the Colosseum. Using this research, we wrote a fictional journal of a Roman Gladiator.

Journal Excerpt

The Colosseum is a huge, intricate, and mechanical arena where all gladiatorial fights are held along with other public affairs such as competitions and executions. The gladiator fights are very intense and publicized. All around the edges of the ring there is graffiti supporting and also criticizing gladiators. Ever since had my first match I have never been heckled or heard any criticism. Also, I have never lost. One of the great parts of being a successful gladiator is that before every match I get to go to a banquet held by a very important upper-class person. At these banquets I mingle with the wealthy and also get inspected by gamblers who are planning on betting on the match. After the banquet I try to get a good night’s sleep so I’m ready for the match. The day of the match I still get butterflies in my stomach even though I have been a gladiator for ten years. Right before the fight a few exotic animals are displayed in the arena. Then, I am lifted out from underneath the arena where I am held along with my opponent in a cage. You would think that once I am a superstar gladiator I wouldn’t have to be held in a cage! Once I am lifted out I enter the arena through a tunnel and look around. The amazing thrill I get from the arena never gets old. I see the senators and rich sitting together in the first row while the women sit in the back and the rest of the crowd sits in the middle. The Colosseum is one hundred and sixty feet tall and has a capacity of fifty thousand people. At the top there are awnings to keep the crowd cool in the sweltering midday sun. My opponent and I do a practice bout using wooden swords. Finally, the music starts, the crowd cheers, and the fight begins. While I am aiming for my opponent’s main arteries which are under his arm, behind his knee, and his skull my trainer encourages me from the side. When the gladiator’s life is in the hands of his opponent he appeals to the emperor. As I watch, the emperor asks the crowd whether the unfortunate gladiator should die or live. The crowd puts all of their thumbs downward in a sweeping motion and I swing my sword down on his neck. The arena erupts in cheers as I swagger up to the emperor to receive my prize. Men come out to drag the body off while young boys sweep the sand of the arena until it is clean.

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