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I Would Like a Dog
I Would Like a Dog

A lot of friends and people have dogs and was wondering if you could let me have one, and I just feel left out a little. I have been imploring for a dog my whole life. I feel miserable without one.

If you get me a dog I will look after it by making sure it does not make a mess. I can keep it down stairs, outside, or maybe in my room. I can also make sure it wont spill dog food all over the place, and to keep from having accidents in the house and I will take him outside every hour.

I can also clean your room like I can sweep downstairs, your room, and mop all the bathrooms, and help mom and you separate the laundry. I can also help spray and fold the laundry and put it all away.

I will try my best on tests. I will try and get 3s and 4s on all math, reading, and science tests. If I don’t get a three or four I will go in for lunch and get a four or a very high three.

I will take very good care of it and now I hope I have persuaded you into getting me a dog.
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