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by Abbey H teacher: Melanie Transue
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March Freewrite
Have you ever thought about a movie or book and try to match your friends and family into the spots of the characters? Have you ever tried to do so? I certainly have.Now im going to match my friends on this blog.The movie I chose is Cinderella. I chose this movie because its a movie I loved when I was a kid. Im also more familular with the movie.

Cinderella- Bonnie
I chose Bonnie as cinderella because she is always cleaning and sometimes seems to be a little over reacting.She also needs to find her "Prince" and be happy.
Step Mother- Justine
I chose Justine because she seems to take charge and be bossy at times. Anyone agree?
Sister 1- Makenna
I chose Makenna to be Sister 1 because she's shy but she seems to be funny. I would also put Miss. TRansue in thius place because shes "funny" some times.
Mouse- Jesse
I chose Jesse as the Mouse because he is funny. hed also be a good person to help out when you needed him.
Prince- Chris
I chose Chris to be the Prince because he seems to be a heart breaker. I mean heartbreaker by he seems to attrack girls.
Sister 2- Jessica
I chose her because she is a little slow sometimes.

This is who I would choose to take the places in Cinderella.Do you agree with me? Now you try to put your real life friends in this story. What story would you choose?

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