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by Christopher C teacher: Melanie Transue
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March Freewrite

One day long ago there was a very noble shark named Portable Shark. He didn't know what to do with his life so one day he decided to go on an adventure to a far away land. This far away land was called Canada. From what he saw in the movies Portable Shark thought Canada looked amazing, and had lots of fish to eat. This place would be perfect for him.
Portable Shark was soon off to this country ready to take on any danger. All of the sudden while Portable Shark was swimming at full speed a sheep fell into his way. The sheep started wiggling everywhere and making awkward noises.
"Baaaaaaa, baaaaaaaaaaaaa", went the sheep as it fell to the ocean floor. Portable Shark had no time to waste, but he couldn't just leave the sheep to die. He dove down to the bottom, and caught the sheep right before he hit the bottom. As fast as he possibly could Portable Shark swam to the surface. The sheep gasped for air. "Thank you", quietly said the sheep.
Portable Shark couldn't wait any longer to know what happened so he asked. "The sheep confused said, "Don't you know about the sheep smuggling business". Portable Shark had never heard of this before.
"The Canadians smuggle us to places in Africa for a lot of money". Portable Shark did not want to be smuggled to someplace in Africa. He turned around leaving the sheep, and Canada behind him. The only question is where would he go now.

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