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Dear Mom,
I am going to try to convince you in these few paragraphs to buy me a phone. So I hope I convince you to buy me one. I hope I convince you.
I can use the phone for emergencies. In middle school I will need one if I miss the bus. I can also call if I get lost somewhere. For instance I get lost in a really big store I will need to call you. You can also call me to make sure where I am. I don’t like using the house phone because it runs out of battery really fast. I also don’t like using the house phone because it is in the living room.
I can pay for part of it or the phone can be free and I pay for half of the boring things that I don’t know about. You can also sign a contract of two years or more and you get the phone for free. Then I can pick out a new one or get the same one. So you just have to pay for the month. This will save you money for bills. You can also get unlimited texting and/or talking which will also save you money. You can also add me to the family plan if you have one. I will also do chores for free so you don’t have to pay me. You can also pick out the phone so I don’t pick the new expensive one.
I need a phone because everybody has one and I don’t want to be left out. I feel lonely when I’m in my room and I can talk with my friends at home. So I don’t get in trouble for talking at school and so I get better grades. I can also use the phone to call my friend so he can help me with my homework if I get stuck on a problem. I can forget what I need help on for my homework and not ask my friend. So that would help me on my grades.
I hope I convinced you to buy me a phone. If you do buy me one I am going to be the happiest kid in the whole world. So please buy me one.
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