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Dear Wyatt,
You know what shoes everybody has on today. The shoes are the black vans. These vans are comfortable shoes. The shoes are stylish, durable, versatile, and they have cushions impact, plus I have a birthday coming up so it would be nice of you to buy me the black vans.
Some of the comments are “Vans are my favorite shoes ever... I bought this pair because my black pair was getting way too worn out. I have a low arch so these shoes have enough support for me”. The second comment is “I am wearing these to long board, mainly because I wore out my Chukka Low Vans. I had to wear them around for a while to break them in, but they're a great fit and I love them”.
The vans have very good firm and tight when tided. They are good at running. I hope I get these shoes because this year I am going be on the Brichta track team. The front of the shoe lets you run faster because it cuts through the wind faster.
They are comfortable and stylish shoes. They are only $45.00 (the original black classic authentic).
Thank you for reading. Were you persuaded?
Your friend,
Kyle B
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