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Class of 2012

We are Mr. Brune's 5th Grade at Mamaroneck Avenue School in Mamaroneck, NY, USA!

by Dora-Terminator

teacher: MAS 5B 2011 - 2012

Class Assignments
i-Prints 05/11
Miro 05/11
Final Pioneer Diary Entry 05/10
Poetry 04/24
Inquiry 03/25
Return to the Moon 03/11
Literary Essay 01/12
Self Portraits 10/21
Sculpture 12/02
Revision 11/22
School Report 10/31
Personal Narrative 10/26
A True Story From Your Life 10/21
Independent Writing 10/21
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Sensei Tofu: Dora Terminator
Student1: SenorGummyWorm
Student 2:candylover51
Student4: roadrunnermemep
Maid: Basketball girl

Sensei Tofu: Hello, my name is Sensei Tofu.

Student3: Hey, Sensei Tofu! What are we going to learn today?

Sensei Tofu: You said tofu wrong! It’s tofu!

Student4: Why are your eyes so itsey bitsy?

Sensei tofu: Be quiet or I will send you to the time out corner.

Student4: But they're so small.

Sensei Tofu: Go to the time out corner!

Student4: But….

Sensei Tofu: Do not make me use the Tofu punch!

Student1: I want see the tofu punch!

(Sensei Tofu does the tofu punch!)

Student1: Mommy!

Sensei tofu: OK, now we are going to learn how to do the tofu kick!

Student1: I thought this was a Chinese school not a Kung-Fu school!?

Sensei Tofu: Shut up! Gosh, I don't know how your parents live with you!

Student2: I love doing this kick. It is really fun. Tofu!

(Candylover51’s shoe comes off and hits student4 in the head.)

Student4: Ohhhhhhh! That really hurt. Daddy!

Student1: Hahahahaha! Your little shoe came off and hit his head! HaHaHaHa!

Maid: chusma chusma chusma. This floor is so dirty. . .chusma chusma chusma.

Sensei Tofu: You shush or you will be in the time out corner with that little dumpling too!

Student 4: Whaaaaaaa! Whaaaaa! I hate you Sensei Tofu.

Sensei Tofu: Oh, shut up!

Student4: Wahhh, waah, waaaaah!

Sensei Tofu: Now the real learning begins. OK, how do you say food in Chinese?

Student4: Hejhtkabuykgbvuybgrj? I don’t know!?

Sensei Tofu: Next question. How do you say mama in Chinese?

Student3: Jiiiiigagag? Is it like that?

Sensei Tofu: Oh, be quiet for a second.

Student2: I'm going home. You’re so mean.

Student3: Wait, don't tell your mom that you lost your shoe.

Student 2: It’s noticeable!

Sensei Tofu: Shut up, kids! Wait, don't go home. I'm going ing to give you a Lulu pop. Oh, my Pork Fried Rice! Be quiet already!

Student3: I hate you. You are such a Chinese fool.

Sensei Tofu: You are such shawgua.

Student3: What does that mean?

Sensei Tofu: That means stupid watermelon stupid!

Student2: Oh my gosh! You guys are so dumb you belong in the dungeon.

Sensei Tofu: All of you belong in the time out corner!

Everyone: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
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My Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted March 8, 2012 at 09:48 AM by • Evilteddybear
Posted March 8, 2012 at 09:48 AM by • Evilteddybear

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