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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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Dear mom,
Hi mom I wanted to ask you something but I wanted to make it so that I could also persuade you more to agree with me. I hope you like it and agree with me.
Okay mom what I really want is a Yorkshire-terrier, Yorkie Poo or Shih Tzu for myself. I want to tell you 6 reasons of why I want one and what I will do to get one. First I will clean it’s bathroom area. So you don’t have to see what comes out of the puppy.
My second reason is I will feed it and give it water. So you don’t have to touch her food or water.
My third reason is I will work a lot harder in school than I do now. Because I don’t work to my highest and best potential. But when I get a puppy I will be so happy.
My fourth reason is I will help around the house more than ever. I know I don’t always help around the and when I have a puppy I will have to clean up her mess so I will just clean up things as well.
My fifth reason is I will not fight with Bridgette. Bridgette and I always fight but when I have puppy I will be busy with cleaning and playing with her (my puppy) and I will not have a chance to be able to fight with Bridgette even if I want to.
My sixth reason is if we get one I will try to pay you money for letting my puppy and I will do all of these things for you. If I am not able to pay you then I will do extra stuff you pick for me to do.
I hope you liked it and you now agree with me and if you do I will not let you down I will do all of these things. I hope you agree with me mom. I love you and I hope you choose to get me one.

Love your daughter,
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