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Dear Mom and Dad,
You’re probably wondering why I’m writing this letter. Well, I’m doing this to tell you about the kindle touch. The Kindle Touch is an extraordinary machine.
I want the kindle touch because then I won’t need to purchase any books any more. Books can be expensive. Instead of buying so many books, let’s buy a kindle. Think about all the money we can save.
The Kindle Touch is great because it is all about reading. There are no games on it, just books.
Plus, the kindle is easy to use. Many people that already have a kindle touch said it is very simple to use. All you need to do is pick a book and start reading. It’s that easy. Again, many people already have one and I want one myself. In my own opinion, I prefer the kindle touch than books.
How much money is it? That is probably going to be the first thing you ask. Well, it used to be $139.00. Now it is only $99.00. You save $40.
Another thing about the kindle is that its touch screened. That’s why it’s called the kindle Touch. Instead of having to push buttons you can simply tap a book on the screen.
After reading this, I’m sure you would agree with me, we should get a kindle.
From your daughter,

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