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D.O is oxygen that dissolves into water . This years average is 8.3 which is good ! You measure D.O with a probe , you put the sensor in the water & it gives the the amount of D.O .

Turbidity is Based on how clean or dirty the water is , high turbidity can kill fish and fish start to abandon habitat and plants will die . Chimacum creeks average of turbidity is in the 30's .

Ammonia can be found in many cleaning products .Ammonia is a colorless gas & strong smelling . The formula of Ammonia is NH3, means it consists of one atom of nitrogen and three atoms of hydrogen .

Nitrogen is In the air ,and is a gas . It can cause a sickness called Methemogoblin . Plants can not use nitrates it's not good for them . N2 is 78% of air .

Flow rate
Flow rate is based on how fast or slow the water is going .Flow rate is measured by a probe with a propeler . Air flow rate is one other type of flow rate . Flow rates average is 1.3 cubic meters per second which is good .

temperature is very important to water , if its to cold or to warm fish can die. It takes longer for deeper water to heat up because there is more water . In the summer if the temperature doesnt get over 50 degrees ferenheit then the fish will be fine .

Ph is Positive Hydrogen , Which is H2O . Ph ranges from 0-14 , 0-6 is Acidic , 7 is Basic (well, 7 is pure H2O, or water, and above 7 all the way to 14 is basic and alkaline because they mean the same thing. - From Mr. G) , And 8-14 is Alkaline ,Human blood is basic so about a 7.3 or 7.5 .
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