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Sixth grade Science students blogging from the Pacific Northwest in Chimacum, WA!
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by teacher: Alfonso Gonzalez
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DO: what are these years average DO levels:


The oxygen in the air makes contact with water to make dissolved oxygen (do). Chimacum creek has been doing well even at a low of about 6 ppm.

PH: the average is 6.3 ph for this year.

 7 is pure water 1-6 is acidic 8-14 is alkaline. When base and acid come together it makes is a balance. Ph stands for positive hydrogen. Fish like 6.5-7.

Turbitity: the average is in the 30’ of ntu’s. n.t.u stands for nephelometric turbitity units somebody might ask what turbitity is well turbitity is the difference between clear water and dirty water

Nitrogen (this is my perrmater): nitrates are important because they help the soil  and water and creatures and everything(about this).the average for this year in nitrates is 0.3 this is good because fish die in to high of nitrate and so will people mostly babys because to much nitrates can cause brown blood disease or blue baby syndrome(same thing) or Methogloblin (also the same thing).

Ammonia: This years average ammonia is 1.6. this is good because it wont kill the fish. Ammonia is very dangeros chemical thing. Ammonia can be found in many cleaning supplies. Pure Ammonia is a very very smelly colorless liquid. Eutrophication is a thing that is very bad. A thing you do not want to do is mix ammonia and bleach ( it can kill you)


Flow rate: you x length x width (in a river) to get cubic meters per second (if using that measurement) . flow rate can be important because if fish can not lay there eggs then they will die out. The average for  flow rate is 1.5934 m3/s (??????)

Temperature: water that is shallow takes shorter to warm up than deep. This years average water temp is 33.5 farenhite. The airs average is 37.5 farenhite. One of the highest temp max for fish is 97º farenhite where the fish will die L.



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