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Let's hear it
I am going to type a interesting story for you. There once was a house in a forest away place Bob lived. One day he came home to realize that he was being robbed. He assumed that the burglar was after the envelope witch contained 5,000,000$ so bob ran to his desk lamp and saw that the envelope was gone. But, he could still see the burglar in the distance running away so he got in his car and drove to catch the burglar. the burglar had now gone into a black van and was sticking his tongue out at bob. This made Bob soooo mad that he floored the gas and drove up right next to the van. Then when Bob looked up he saw a wall and jumped out of his car. The burglar also jumped out and was running to a yacht and got on in the last second and was on his way. But this didn't stop bob he found a plane and flew over the yacht until it docked at a harbor on a tropical island. The burglar ran away and hid behind a pom tree but bob found him and turned him in the the sherrif's office and bob went home.
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