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“Successful people don't have fewer problems. They have determined that nothing will stop them from going forward.”
- Ben Carson

I love quotes because they make me think and are good in general. Ben Carson is a great role model and if you read his books, you will see why. For my poem:

Everyone is smart in their own way but not everyone is successful...why?
Everyone has a different perspective,
And these differentiate those people
If a person is chosen to be the 6th best student out of 16 students,
He can either be happy that there are still 10 people behind him,
Or he could think that there are 5 people ahead of him and move forward.
This choice will go a long way to success if he chooses the right one.
However, if he chooses to move forward, then that does not mean he has fewer problems,
That actually means he will have more because he has to work harder.
This is like a friendship.
A good friend will never forget the good things that his friend has done,
But he will always forget what he has done for his friend or the bad things that his friend has done, so that his friendship can last.
There are problems but that doesn't stop the person from moving forward because of his dedication.

Go ahead and find out more about Ben Carson, he shares his personal experiences, and he actually was a terrible student to start with, but now he is one of the best neurosurgeons we have. How?! He shares some fantastic advice and is awesome!
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