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3/2/2012--What should I write about??

If we were professional bloggers, you wouldn't generally just write about whatever comes to mind. Most blogs have a main idea, theme, or point they are consistently writing about. In our case however, we are using blog writing as a platform for writing in general, so we just want you to WRITE!

But sometimes, you may not know what to write about. Here are some potential ideas for you to consider:

1. Write about a new technology that has NOT been invented that would revolutionize the Christian church and help the spread of the Gospel. What would it look like? What would it do? **Be creative! Remember it hasn't been invented yet, so it could even seem impossible!

Or, you could write about....

2. What new technology, toy, or device that has come out in the past 5 years, do you think has the greatest potential to be used by the devil to pull people away from Jesus?

Finally, you could write about.....

3. If you could give every person in the world a technology device, what would it be and why?

Hopefully these will spark your imagination into writing about something original and interesting!
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