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Hey (as southern people would say) y'all! Santu here! The book that I am currently reading is called, "Wild Girl". Here are some things I visualized while reading it...

1.  In the story the author writes, " He looked like a raccoon; his face was filthy except two lines on his cheeks that might have been tears." While reading this, I pictured in my head a scruffy, muddy raccoon roaming around a forest floor. This raccoon was surprisingly crying. I say surprisingly because you don't usually see raccoons crying, if they cry at all!  In my mind this raccoon looked hungry, dirty, tired, lost, and hurt, all things it most likely could be crying for. Even though this sentence takes place outside a barn, when the author used the word raccoon I imagined it in a forest (where raccoons live). Trees, wild flowers, weeds, and bushes are all in this forest. They are colors such as maroon, dark green, and brown, because I feel those are sad colors and I know this isn't a happy time. It is night time in my mind and the forest surrounds the raccoon. You can bearly make out all the plants in the forest because it is so dark.  The only little light there is, is the full moon's light shining on the raccoon.

2. In the story the author writes, "I threw on my robe and went down to the kitchen on my tiptoes. Even at this hour of the night, it was easy to see. Outside, high overhead lights threw misty beams into the windows next to the kitchen table." While reading this I pictured this chairactor at my old house in Chicago. I think I picture this scene there because a stair case led right to our kitchen at my old house. I also see the beam of light coming through the window. I picture it not that bright, more like the quick flash of lightning that reveals something scary in a horror movie. I picture this charactor's robe purple and blue because those are my favorite colors. I can also see this charactor on their very tippytoes trying not to step anywhere on the floor that would make a loud creaking noise and wake someone up.

Blog you later!!!


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