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Sixth grade Science students blogging from the Pacific Northwest in Chimacum, WA!
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teacher: Alfonso Gonzalez

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What is this years average for D.O.well it is 8.125.the more
Sunlight the more oxygen is in the water.
Once oxygen touches the water airflows oxygen is made in the water=http://!! Anything above 10.0 creates water pollution. Oh and this years average is 6=http://!!

the lowest ph.level is 0. 14 is bad because it is just thst high. is a deasent number.The number greater then ten is the amount of sitric. This years average in ph.is 44.8 ntu.

Turbididtys average this year is 44.7 ntu. wich means our creek is a little low on turbididty. But low turbididty we kinda want beacause if it is high then our creek is muddy. but low makes our creek a really clear pretty creek.

this yeasr average is 1.6 wich means our creek isnt good with ammonium. the best is 0.0 the higher the worse lower the better (wich we want)

flowrate- the average for this years flowrate is 1972 gps. that is actually pretty good because fish can actually swim and rest in the water.if the water was going to fast then fish wouldnt be able to swim (wich would kill them)

average for this year is 37.13f and that means our creek is clean and cold for the fish. the water tempature is 37.133 and compared to the air tempature is 44.35 so the air temp is colder than the water=http://

that is the end of water qualitie!!!!

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