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by teacher: Mark
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Wanda was sitting in a chair, smiling at us, with a cute little puppy in her lap. The first thought that came to my mind, was "Yay! I'm with the dog lady!!!" and of course, "Phew, I'm safe."
I noticed that she was wearing a long, blue, beaded necklace, a red sweater, (probably for Valentines day) black pants, and glasses. Interestingly enough, her little toy poodle had a little pink sweater on. Right away, before I even sat down, she told me that she was hard of hearing. My stomach kind of jumped when she said that, making my nerves go up. But, her tone of voice sounded excited, which made me feel glad that she was happy that I was there. I instantly tried to put my nerves aside as I asked my first question.
Wow, was I surprised when Wanda told me that she had been a pilot! She was one of the first lady pilots, as a matter of fact! This made me so surprised because I have never in my life had a lady piloting a plane that I was in. She told me that she flew all around the world and a lot of the time in Alaska. It was kind of funny how almost every little thing brought back memories and accidents of flying! She had wanted to do it her whole life, and nothing was going to stop her! Another thing that was amazing, (a gigantic shocker!) was that she likes country western music and Adele! (and classical, but not as much.) "Hold on a sec," I remember thinking. "I like that music too!" Okay. So here's Wanda. She's 84 years old and she likes Adele and country music. I thought people her age listened to classical music. Only. But, I guess not. It was amazing how open Wanda was about the good and the not so good parts of her life. She seemed to really want to share everything with me.
As I stated in the first paragraph, Wanda was hard of hearing. "What was that?" "Huh?" "What did you say?" She frequently asked me and my partner while we were talking to her. For her to hear us some of the time, we would have to talk really loud. Some of the time, I would feel like I was almost yelling, which was kind of weird, just because I've always been told to use my "inside voice" inside of a building. I think my solution was that I just got used to talking in a loud voice, so that Wanda could hear me.
Wow! I just could not get over that just like me, Wanda loves country music! That is a major similarity, because country music is about the only music I listen to! Another similarity, is that Wanda really likes dogs, just like I do. (That probably explains why she had a dog, Missy, in her lap.) One difference that I had with Wanda, is that she has had surgery before. It was when she was seven and got her appendix taken out. Even though I've broken a finger and two wrists, I have never had surgery before. Surprisingly, I had a lot more in common with Wanda than I had thought I was going to have.
The best thing that happened while I was interviewing Wanda, was when she told me and my partner a story of the most daring thing she ever did. So, Wanda used to be a pilot, and she flew all over Alaska. This particular event happened when one of the engines of her airplane fell off during mid-flight! She fortunately found a safe spot to land, but the conflict, was that there was a herd of wild turkeys right where she was planning on landing. Uh oh. She ended up landing, but she said that not only was it scary, it was a big decision on where she was going to land. The story to me, was part funny, (the turkeys) and part suspenseful, (the engine.) Either way, I really liked the story.
Over all, I really enjoyed my visit with Wanda, way more than I thought I would.
-Seaworthy :)
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