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 this is about our creek. our creek is doing ok but befor i tell you most of it you better read the rest..




What is this year’s average D.O.?

8.125 millileters per second 


What does that mean about our creek’s D.O. levels?





It is good for the Creek. The more sun light the more Oxygen is in the water. Also once oxygen touches the water airflowes and and oxygen is made in water. Enething above 10.0 of air that gets into the water ,causes water pollution. What is this year’s average pH? 6  mg / L


 What does that mean about our creek’s pH levels?

0 is the lowest and 14 is also bad because it is to high,alcoline.

7 Is a good number of Sitick in the water. What ever the number is. Our body has ph in it. The amount of ph in our body is 




the number grater then it is 10 times the amount of Sitic. We want to drink water that has 7 ph in it that is nutral and good. If there is more H’s it is a Sitic. P h means positive hydrogen. If you put lemon juice and bleach nutralizis it.






What is this year’s average turbidity?

44.7 N.T.U. millileters per second

         What does that mean about our creek’s turbidity levels?

Turbidity is the difference between clear water and durty water.




If the pond is dirty it has more turbidity the clearer it is the less turbidity in the pond it has less. When the water is clear it is good. N.T.U. stands for Nephelometric turbidity units.

0-50 = pretty good. 






What is this year’s average nitrate level?     0.3    mg / L   










         What does that mean about our creek’s nitrates levels?The nitragin cycle can start at eney point. No2 means unstable and that is bad. No3 means stable and that is good.



There are to stages of ntaragin stable and unstable low nitragin levels are good but higher then 0.5 is bad. you want higher then 0. to be good. this years level of chimicum creek is 0.3. air has 75% of nitrates.






 what is this years average ammonium level?

1.6 ????????  0.02

 what does that mean about our creek's ammonium levels?

 Ammonium is made of nitrates and hygergin. Ammonium makes a grait cleaning tool when mixed in water.

 it takes 1.4 to make the animal who drank the ammonium sick. poop and food can cause nitrogen, and you dont want to much nitrigen

 most people are exposed to gas by filling up the tank in your car and that is bad for you because it has ammonium in it.







to much ammonium can disenigrate a fish part by part. there is no good number for ammonium.


what is this years average of flow rate?


1972.8 gallons / second




what does that mean about our creeks flow rate?

the water can get 1 meter high. the water gets a meter high some times because it rains and the season. if the water is going to fast, that causes the fish to have a strugle  to make it up river. if the water speed is to slow algee grows and wipes out the fish.

this years average of water temp is?

37.35       millileters per second

what does that mean about our creek? 

that means it is good you want 40.00 to be awesome. if the water temp gets to high the eggs bounce around and die. if the water temp gets to cold  the eggs will freese and we will have lost a life cycle.

how did the water temperature compare to the air? the water temp is 37.35 and the air temp is 44.7 degrease F

the difference is only 8.28. degrease F


                                                                                                                                                                 by samuel 



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