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okay, so you know how ive been talking about macro-bugs, water cycle, and temperature? well,all that data was to determine how our chimacum creek is doing. Here is a list of our parameters (jobs)results grading from a scale of really bad, bad,fine, good, really good, exellent, almost perfect, and perfect.

D.O(dissolved oxygen)-8.215 mg/L, pretty good.

pH(posotive hydrogen)-6, almost perfect.

turbidity(how clear the water is)-44.7 NTU, exellent.

Nitrates(a chemical in the air that is a food for algae)-0.3 mg/L, almost perfect.

Amommonium(a very unwanted toxic gas)-1.6 mg/L, fine.

Flow rate(self-explanatory)1972.83 gal/s,good

temperature(everyone should know what temperature is)37 (F),really good

here is a picture of the thing I used to measure temperature (my parameter). its called a lab quest.


now that the parameters are covered, lets talk about the macro-invertebrates.our creek got a pretty good score, it was about 21. there were lots of non-tolerant pollution bugs, which means there was not alot of pollution.

Salmon:they are very non-tolerant to pollution, and they are very sensitive.Can salmon survive in our creek? yes. that is yet another reason that shows that our creek has little pollution.The salmon seem to be perfectly fine. (exept for that spawner we found dying, but salmon die after laying eggs).

So, you may have been asking yourself this: how is chimacum creek doing? Well, from all the data it is.....................................................(suspense)........................................almost perfect! it has salmon, non-teolerant pollution bugs, and all the parameters are good -almost perfect! Our creek is doing good, and i hope it always will. if you want to help save our creek, do not throw stuff in it, do not throw heated pads in  it, and do not feed the animals. (and please stop spitting into it)

this is the route we took to the creek and back from our school. it was a 9min. round-trip



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