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New Years Relfection

Hello and welcome to our Blog! Here you will find information on various assignments, upcoming events, what's going on in our classroom, and our thoughts about the world around us. Enjoy!

by SL teacher: Mr. Schade

Cananda 11
1. Ontario is the largset poputlion in cananda.
13,373.0 people.
2.the least populion is Nunavut and how many people is in Nunavut is 33.3.
3.Prince Edward Island,mainland New Brunswick.
4. its the counting crows
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I saw the Olympics. I went to the far with me, my dad and my cousin. I tried to go sledding. I learned a little bit of math to my little cousin. I read magazines. I thought of school and doing work. I wondered about what we are going to do in math. IN 2012 I might go to west Edmonton mall. I will go to a weting in Vancouver. I won't go to foothills school. I want to go to camp living water. I don't want my niece to grow up. I think about wan yous toe go to foothills. I am sure that i will miss foothills . I hope that my friends from foothills will still be my friends. By Savannah lilley

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