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by teacher: Karen Gutsmiedl
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So far I am reading "Uglies" by Scott Westerfeld.
1) This book takes place in the future like many of the books I have read, but in this future they separate the ugly people and pretty people. Everyone must wait till they are old enough to become pretty through the surgery. Other books I have read that take place in the future are different, because they usually make the world corrupt in some sort of way.
2)So far I really like it. The future there is very different than today. All of the bridges there talk except one which is old and everyone one wears interface rings. They all wait to become pretty and when they are pretty, all they do is party the whole time. I enjoy the story it’s entertaining and has unexpected twist. I would recommend this book to people it is an interesting book and certainly different.

3) I do agree with the action so far in the book, but I did not like how tally's friend that is now pretty said they would be friends again after she became pretty in a few months.

4) There was one part of the book that I can relate to. When Tally was told that she could be friends again with her best friend she knew from when she was growing up, after she became pretty. It made me feel like when I was young and I was friends with these girls that were mean to me. But just like Tally I went off and found a better friend.
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