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We are Mr. Brune's 5th Grade at Mamaroneck Avenue School in Mamaroneck, NY, USA!

by HorseBackRider1 teacher: MAS 5B 2011 - 2012
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i-Prints 05/11
Miro 05/11
Final Pioneer Diary Entry 05/10
Poetry 04/24
Inquiry 03/25
Return to the Moon 03/11
Literary Essay 01/12
Self Portraits 10/21
Sculpture 12/02
Revision 11/22
School Report 10/31
Personal Narrative 10/26
A True Story From Your Life 10/21
Independent Writing 10/21
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Pluto is one of the most interesting planets I know. Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930. In 2006, Pluto was considered a dwarf planet, and it was considered the 9th planet in our solar system. Did you know that there is a probe expected to fly to Pluto in 2015? Pluto is a dwarf planet as you know, but there are also many other dwarf planets like Pluto. Their names are Ceres, Haumea, Makemake, Eris. Ceres was discovered in 1801 and considered the largest asteroid. Eris is the same size as Pluto and it is considered the 10th planet. Pluto is light brown with dark brown swirly stripes. It is composed of rock and ice and is covered with frozen methane. It also has a small atmosphere of nitrogen. Here are some other facts about Pluto: Its diameter is 1,460 miles. The temperature is probably 385 degrees. Pluto’s distance from the sun is 3,670,050,000. As you can see Pluto is a very important part in our solar system.

Picture of Pluto
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