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by teacher: Brian McLaughlin
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Waterproof mobiles make a splash!

Liquipel is a brand new company that coats phones with a "revolutionary water shield". This high-tech company is offering up nano-coating technology as alternate phone protection. This technology is not just for covering phones, but tablets and even hearing aids as well! Weren't able to text, listen to music or play angry birds in the shower or in the rain? Now it is possible!

I currently own a waterproof case for my iPhone, but it is very bulky and annoying being in my pocket all day. With Liquipel technology my phone can be waterproof without having a bulky case and instead I can have a stylish case. I am very interested in this upcoming product here in the United States!

Reynolds, D. (2012, February 28). Cnn news. Retrieved from http://edition.cnn.com/2012/02/28/tech/mobile/waterproof-mobiles/index.html

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