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we are doing water quality and we have to write a CONCLUSION.   (neh neh!)    This means that i will be typing for FOREVER and will probably not ge it done till may. but i will start now and hopefully it will be done soon.

starting with D.O.                   D.O. is dissolved oxygen.

this is what i learned about D.O. oxygen goes into the water by touching it. ( cool....) and so that means  that (of course) the top of the water would have the more D.O.  so when you see the fish  GULPING THEIR POOR LUNGS OUT AT THE TOP OF THE WATER  you know that  the poor fishies are needing more D.O.

this years average D.O. was 9.16 mpl (milligrams per liter) that is goodish. i cant really  tell, because my job was NOT D.O. and the people whose job it was are all like "uuuhhhhh.... yeah."  and that is a disgrace i tell you! 

next is pH.                pH is like how acidic or basic the water is (i think...) it stands for Positive Hydrogen Ions

this years average is 6.314190 that is almost perfect, but a little bit acidic. here it is

13 = bleach

12 = soapy water

11 = ammonia solution

10 = milk of magnesia ( that medicine thingy )

9 = baking soda

8 = seawater

7 = pure perfect water!

6 = acidy

5= acidy

4 = acidy

3=  acidy

2 = acidy

1 = REALLY acidy!

and that explains how good our score is and it IS wonderful!!

next is TURBIDITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is MY parameter and so you can expect me to be an expert.(mwwwahhhhahahahahahah!) turbidity pretty much means how clear the water is. our average (without DIRT added to the water!) is 35.2714285714 that is almost PERFECTLY wonderful and perfect but its DEFINITELY acceptable and the fish are ok with it, so we are too. turbidity is the difference between clear and dirty water. that pretty much explains it..... hopefully.


What is this year


What does that mean about our creek

what are nitrates? oooooo brown blood disease methemo goblin something. in 2011-2010 it went waaay up to 2.... nitrates help soil. nitrogen makes up air, like 80 percent of air! so how can we breathe it and..... not get methemogoblin? hmmmm so it goes into the plants and the aminals eat the plants and then they DIE and decompose and thats how the nitrates get into the creek? AHA!!!! we can not get methemo-goblino-diseaso because the bacteria hasnt got the nitrogenyet! how do they get into the water? AHA again!! people do it! pesticides and such! bacteria gets the nit and puts it into the plants so they can use it! pertilizers is aminal waste, right? so the aminals have eated nitrates...... and so their waste is ........NITRATES! oh wait! mogob offects babies mostly.... oh no! blue baby syndrome! cry sad! oh well. the best year was 2008-2009! oooooo! good!

those were my notes for the nitrates presentation


What is this year

2.828 mgl is that bad? the probes apparently dint work mayby. data is wrong!! this is the lowest # that we could find! the probes REALLY dint work.

ammonia. stuff. ammmonia is found in claening supplies it smells bad common ghoushold chemoical. whaen pure, it is really smelly. can speed eutrification? dunnoo..... is not a gas ? colorless liquid. ginny pigs yuck smells like ammonia. at anderson lake algae was all over so so much bacteria used up al the DO so the dogs died. tis not good. bleach is not ammonia. dont mix them.BAAAAAAAD. ammonia is all bad?...useful in the soil......but not in the water.



Flow Rate

What is this year

1.3459 is that good? cubic meters per second. awkward.

What does that mean about our creek

its how fast the stream is going?..... ish how much water is passing by one point at one time.... the graphs are kinda wierd many kinds of low rate.... is the average good or badddd. "dunno"

does bigger propeller make different #s "dunno" the i forget the i forget. the data x area= STUFF! hhhhrmmmmm. dont really know what this is....... if fish can hang out with in this creek the flow is good ........ sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo there WAS fishies there .........soooooooooo........thats goodish?!...........this is an awkward moment. qweshdions noww? AHA!! comments! the end. the no clue. dunno what to saay. the end.





What is this year

33.5 water 37 air

What does that mean about our creek

thats is good! different salmon have different temps to be the best health. deep watr takes longr for deeper water to heat up. without the right temp fish will die. oxygen can dissolve in colder water better. if it got to 60 gdecgrees, it would die.in summer they go tho oceans for cooler water, so they never really get used to the HOT water. sockeye is coldre for them to spawn. coho need if its not toocold that EGGS cant have it too hot or cold. waaaaiiiiiiit..... this graphis wrong. sorry! under 50 s gooood! bluegill can tolerate ANYTHING!! dont think theyre from around here..... in the summer low 50s is the highest you wanna get. the end!

so these are all my notes and hopefully you understand them cause i cant. thank you and goodnight!

(if you have any qweshdions, comment an i will comment back)

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It's okay I don't think I understand them either.
Nyan cat....he would make this better.
But it is very good and science-y.
Posted March 2, 2012 at 10:07 AM by • Sakura-chan
Posted March 2, 2012 at 10:07 AM by • Sakura-chan
wellllll..... hahahaha sorry you guys yeah, i know. i dunno why i said i dint understand my notes, cuz i doooo...... (p.s. bean it does really wierd long spacey things on graphic)
Posted March 2, 2012 at 09:50 AM by • catfood the blogger
Posted March 2, 2012 at 09:50 AM by • catfood the blogger
i think your starting paragraphs is really good but the conclusional paragraph is ok except for the very last part of that par. it is weird that u did not understand your notes
Posted March 1, 2012 at 04:11 PM by • erin c
Posted March 1, 2012 at 04:11 PM by • erin c
hi squishy its bean i like your blog its funny bbut i think that you should not put so much spaces well bye blog back to me
Posted March 1, 2012 at 04:03 PM by • bean
Posted March 1, 2012 at 04:03 PM by • bean
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