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this is the pastyear of ph data of chimacum creek our creek got a pretty good score our average was 6.3

this is the past years of chimacum creeks data we also got a pretty good score.

       The Average of DO was 9.16 this was a pretty good score.DO stand for dissolved oxygen.some ways to get oxygen in the water is when it is touched so the oxygen from the air compresses in the water.Without DO the fish would die.Or the fish wouldnt have enogh oxygen and the eggs would deform.

       PH stands for postove hydrogins. Ph is a balance of posotive hydroxide ions (H+) and negative hydroxide ions(OH-). fish need to have a balance of Alkeline and acid.Thescale goes from 1-14 8 and up ois alkeline and 6 and below is acidic. To have a good PH is to have a balanceof acid and alkeline.Some fish can tolerate bad PH but if we want more non tolerant fish and bugs in our creek we need to balance our PH.

      Tempature is very important in our creek. Fish need a good temature because they will omly lay eggs in the right temature. And if salmon dont lay eggs it will affect the whole food chain. Intolerant bugs and fish can take bad tepatures. But there are also very intolerant fish that need good tempatures to survive. The averaage tempature for chimacum creek was 38.2. This is a good tempature.

      turbitity determines the clarity of water. Turbitity is caused by plankton,soil erosio,mining etc.the most accurate way to determine turbitiy is to use a turbidimeter. If the water is to cloudy agea grows. If to much algea grows it will take away the oxygen. If there is no oxygen the fish can't breath. The average for turbitity is 22.7. This is a good score.

       Nitrates are not good. Nitrates can poision the fish and give them brown blood disease. Nitrates sometimes get into water by farmers fertalizer. Nitrates help water weeds and plankton grow that atract fish. This may inccrease the fish population . But the algae will grow and there will be little oxygen wich will cause fish to die. The average number of nitrates for chimacum creek is 0.3. This is a good score because the best score is 0.0.

        Ammonia is used in strong cleaning liquids such as bleach. Ammonia is toxic to fish. When ammonia reaches 0.06 mg/L. Fish like trout and salmon start to die when ammonia levels reach 0.2 mg/L. We didn't get the correct average for ammonia this year but the average for the past years data is .8 wich is an ok result.

      my recomendations to keep chimacum creek healthy areto contain fertalizers, and don't litter.

      Some of the bugs I saw at chimacum creek are benthic macroinvertebrates wich is good because those are some of the intolerant bugs

      thanks for reading i hope you liked it!!




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