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Ok, so I have started reading a new book from Patrick Carmen and it is called Trackers.  It is the coolest book I have read so far.  The book is pretty much like an interview with the main character and some person names H.Ganz.  The story is about how the main character, Adam Henderson, is being interviewed because I guess he was suspected for committing a crime of some sort, they were a little shaky on the details.  Anyway, he's telling this H.Ganz guy about how he formed a group called Trackers and how he created all these gadgets and stuff.  The book is very cool because it lets you watch videos that go along with the book.  The book gives you passwords and you type them in and get to see the videos, get new locations, play the game called Glyph master and see his gadgets.  It's awesome!  The website is [LINK] and even if I give you the first password, I won't be giving much away because it's not giving what happens in the book away.  However, I advise you to read this book and watch the videos.  span style="mso-spacerun: yes">  Type that in and watch the sample of what the Trackers do.  I just had to share this because its awesome news and I can't help it.

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