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My recent blogs have been about the Chimacum creek. This blog is going to put all that info into one blog.
Nitrates:The average for Nitrates is 0.3mg/L.That means that our creek is doing good because it is not above 1.0mg/L. If there is too much nitrate in the water then the algae and bacteria will grow and then fish will die.If there is no algae and bacteria then that will be good for the algae part but the bacteria part will be bad because the bacteria makes the corpses go away.

DO:The average for this year is 8.125mg/L. That number means that are creeks D.O. levels are good because it’s not below 5.0 and it’s not above 10.0.D.O. means Dissolved Oxygen.

Ph:The average for this year is 6.It means that the creek is doing really good. It is good because it is not exactly 7 and it's not close to 14 or 0. Ph means Positive Hydrogen. If it is below 7 then it is acidic but if it is above 7 then it is alcoline.

Turbidity:The average for this year is 44.7NTU. That means our creek is low on turbidity. We want low turbidity because if it's high then our creek is muddy but if it's low then we have clear water.

Ammonium:The average for this is 1.6 but that is not likely but that is what we got.It means that our creek is bad with ammonia. The best ammonia is 0.0 and the higher the worse.

Flow Rate:The average for this year is 1972GPS. That is good because fish can rest in the water and it’s not going to slow because there is no algae. If it goes too fast then the fish can't rest.

Temperature:The average for this year is 37.13F. That mans that our creek is clean and cool for the fish so in other words, it’s GREAT! The water temperature (37.13) compares to the air temperature (44.35) this year because the water temperature is colder than the air temperature.

Now ya have it folks. Our creek is doing great, now when ever you drive over it you can say "We just drove over a healthy creek.

This is me at the creek!!!!

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