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changes in my life

We sometimes say we need a change,
As a change is good as a rest
But often fail to ponder
If change is for the best.

When we feel change will do the trick
And it’s time for a change,
Do we really stop to think
And have a frank exchange?

For “change, for change’s sake” can mean
That, as our rooms have faded,
When we change the wallpaper,
The furniture looks jaded.

And if we change too many things
In way, or shape, or form
Then constant need to change occurs
And change becomes the norm.

And change becomes our mentor
As change succeeds each change
And every changeless constant
That stays unchanged seems strange.

And so, if you’re sore tempted
To spawn unneeded change,
Just change your mind and see that you
Don’t change it, for a change.
Ricky Baker

This reminds me of a story I once heard of (I can't exactly remember the name) where a boy finds a mand in the abandoned shed in the back of his new house. The boy had just undergone lots of change in example, places, friends, schools and others. He was frustrated with how this odd man acted and wanted to CHANGE him. Later in the story, the boy decided the man was allright the way he is and found he was an angle who took the boy to new heights in his life.
This brings up a good point to myself, too. I find that sometimes when nothing NEEDS to be changed someone will tell me to change something about myself or other things and guess what? I just change them.
This also brings up a good point for the world itself. We as humans and intelligent beings must fix any imperfection until they are completely PERFECT in every way and form. But isn't that against what everyone's been told since they were a child, that nothing can or will be perfect. And yet we always change everything!
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