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teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)

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I think men are unappreciative to women because men treat women like their slaves.

First, of all men think that women should only be housewives clean all day and raise their kids while they work. Some men look down at their wives and disrespect them. One time I watched a movie and the husband was treating his wife in a disrespectful manner and treating her like his slave. Others some are really violent and aggressive. The problem is women cannot file a complaint because there is no law to protect them. For example men hit their wives because they don’t follow what their husband’s orders. This is very shocking.

Secondly, men don’t realize that women are just as smart and successful as men. The fact that women couldn’t vote until the 1920’s is outrageous because men are so prejudge mental of women because they think that just because they’re a different gender they think that all the men should work, create, invent and be leaders. While women are at home cleaning all day. Women nowadays are exceeding men in all fields. They’re becoming even better leaders and compete with men constantly.

Lastly, women are multitasking creatures and they succeed. For example they raise their kids, they work nowadays, they clean the house, they educate and do good things for the community and while they do this, men are do one thing at a time and that is just working at the office and that’s why men shouldn’t disrespect women because they can be as good as men.

In conclusion I think men shouldn’t think they’re better because all creatures have potential to succeed in life if they had equal opportunities.
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