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                The books I’ve been reading lately are mostly vampire books, but my friend made me read this one book called Waterfall by Lisa T Bergren and I think it is very good. I’m not quite done with it yet so I guess I’m still reading it but it is where this one girl named Gabriella and her mom, and sister go to Italy and her mom finds a tomb. Anyhow they get trapped in ancient Italy. Not the mom just the two sisters I like this book because I’ve been to Italy and I kind of know what they are talking about. It also helps that I’ve been to most of the places they talk about in the book. Another book I’m reading is The Vampire Diaries the Awakening by: L. J. Smith. I found the TV show first and when I found out there was a book series I said “Oh man, I’ve got to read these!!!” I was so happy. Okay, well I’ve also read other books but they aren’t as interesting as the others I’ve recently been reading or that I’m reading now (in my opinion). Here is a list of the books that I have read in the past month and a half: Immortal by: Gillian Shields, The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer (for like the 100th time ), I’m also writing a book called Vampasy it’s not finished yet so I have to read through it multiple times to make sure all my grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. is correct if that even counts. All in all I’ve read Vampire books, Waterfall, and some other books as well.
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