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It was funny and entertaining but I do not think technolagy should be incorperated with magic. I think that they are 2 different categories that should not be mixed unless you want to. I think they were cool but I have a feeling it took this guy a long time period of memorizing what to say and when to say whille the video was playing. I have a feeling that in a few years most magic is going to be worked in with technolagy because of all the high tech gadgets coming out these days. Overall I think that they should not be mixed even though they are 2 separate things. ALSO!!! for video 1,  He flashes the projector on the board at 4:21 in the video.



Video 1   <http://www.ted.com/talks/marco_tempest_the_augmented_reality_of_techno_magic.html>

Video 2




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