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by Justine W teacher: Melanie Transue
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Breaking news! Huge 300 pound lion with 26 razor sharp teeth and a big fluffy main have escaped from my room! She is a pain in the behind that sleeps on my head, tries to eat my food, and worst yet cuddles with me after I give her treats. Yes that’s right folks that big scary lion in my cat Ginger.

Ginger isn’t big or scary in reality she weighs three pounds is covered in orange fluffy fur the puffs at her neck and is as long as big as a loaf of bread. I received Ginger fro Christmas this year and I cant get enough of her! This “ferocious lion” runs into walls and chases laser pointers like the rest of the cats in the world but she is special to me. Most people might think “oh its just a cat” No! Ginger is not just a cat to me she is my best friend. I might sound a little loony saying that my cat is my best friend but she really is. Ginger listens to me go on for hours and hours about the strangest stuff and dosnt mind. How many humans can you find that will listen to you for hours on end without having to pay them $20 an hour.

You see ginger is my heater. Ginger tends to cuddle up on my neck after I give her treats and just lays there for hours while I pet her. Im a wimp when it comes to the cold and Ginger is just so warm I cant help but let her just lay on my neck and keep me warm. Have you ever laid in bed and didn’t want to get out because it was just so warm and comfortable? Well that’s what it is like for Ginger and I. I don’t know what it is about cats but they always seem to make you all warm and fuzzy inside even when its only 20 degrees outside. Ginger in so warm and fluffy she is like a miniature furnace (she even sounds like one sometimes when she purrs.)

Sleeping, snoring, talking in my sleep, more sleeping and then BOOM cat on my head! Ginger likes to sleep behind my head while in trying to sleep. I don’t know what it is about sleeping on a pillow but when we gets a chance she will. It is so cute when she does this! She looks like just one bug puff of orange fur snuggled up on my head. She might just be lazy or maybe just tired but I think she actually may find the top of my head comfy. Think really hard about it how many cats like to sleep on peoples pillows with them? You probably think this is weird and that im crazy but hey its cute.

Don’t be scared don’t be afraid ginger wont hurt you. The news isn’t really that “breaking” so go back to what you were doing but keep thinking about Tat little lion.
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