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by Lucas teacher: Mark Ahlness

One day, a boy wanted to sail his boat. He was fifteen. His name was Chris. He packed his lunch. He brought bug spray. He brought binoculars so he could see stuff from far away. He sailed for a long time and he got hungry so he ate his lunch. He had a tuna sandwich, a carton of milk, an apple, an orange, and a granola bar. He also had some napkins. After he ate his lunch, he felt sleepy so he took a nap, but when he woke up, he was in the strangest place. He was on an island.

No one was on the island. Actually, it was just sand. Nothing but sand. He wanted to check out the island, but he thought about the consequences. “What happened if I got lost, or if someone is on the island and throws me off the island and I drown? What if I get lost?” He thought and thought and thought. After five minutes, he decided to go and check out the island. Even though he knew the consequences, he still wanted to check it out. He thought it was unknown. An unknown island. So he started to walk. He walked and he walked and he walked and he walked. He walked for an hour until he bumped into something. Something invisible. He poked it. And it did nothing until he figured out that there was a message on the ground. It said “To open the invisible door, you must say the magic word; I can’t tell you the magic word, though.” Chris already knew the magic word. It was please.

So he said please and the door opened. He went inside. It was full with lots of stuff. It was full with lamps, chairs, sofas, and lots of other stuff. And guess what? There was gold! Lots and lots of gold! But if it belonged to someone. He thought. Then he knew what to do. He took some of the gold. And he left. He didn’t want to take a lot of gold because it will be too heavy for him. He walked out of the cave and walked until he found his boat and sailed away to the land. He found it so he went home, but then the weirdest thing happened.

He woke up! He thought it was real, but it was a dream and he couldn’t believe it.

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