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by Landyn teacher: Mark Ahlness

The Fish Bob
Once upon a time there was a fish named Bob. He was a wise fish but one day fishermen came to fish. The fishermen put the worm on the hook and threw it in the water. And like 30 minutes later Bob saw the worm and Bob said “Yummy worm,” and Bob ate the worm but the fishermen was sleeping. And Bob was thinking of a way how to get out of this mess. And Bob thought “The hook is in my mouth so I have to think about how to get this hook out of my mouth.”

So he was thinking for a while. But finally he thought of something. He swam up and down left and right but the hook won’t come off. But finally the fishermen woke up and saw the fishing pole move and he grabbed it as fast as he can and reeled in the fishing pole. But Bob got another way to get it off. He swam farther and farther until the line snapped. Click, the line broke off and the hook came out of Bob. And Bob was happy that the hook came off.

Bob was so happy because the hook came off. He was jumping up and down. But guess what, there still a hole in Bob’s mouth. He didn’t feel the hole because he was too happy that the hook came off. But then he started to bleed. And he went to a fish hospital called The Fish Hospital. He had to stay there for one day. When he came out he was all patched up. But they didn’t really patch him up, they just put on this tape called fish tape. It patches up any kind of fish, even a salmon. And Bob came out of the Fish Hospital and started to swim around. And the Fishermen put another worm on the hook and threw it into the water.

Bob saw the worm inside the water and was thinking about eating it. But the Fish doctor said “You can’t eat anything for a day with that patch on.” But Bob didn’t care because he was so hungry. So Bob took off the patch and ate the worm. But guess what - again the fisherman was sleeping again. But the hook did not get stuck in Bob’s mouth because they put metal inside his mouth so every time he was hungry he would just eat as much worms as he wanted to.

And he met a friend named Ryan the fish. Ryan the fish was smart and wise just like Bob the fish. The End
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