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Writers Note
This won’t make any sense to you unless I tell you what happened first.

Hank and Sophia were supposed to be each other’s fiancees.
But Sophia died and turned into a hopping head.

Hank was reading the news when a certain article caught his eye. It was talking about Sophia’s death.

The paper read. They finally found out who killed her.
Ronnie .H. Willings.
Fortunate for Ronnie his father was a scientist.

Ronnie’s father was working on an experiment that could turn any mere human into a crawling head.

But sadly he died shortly after the experiment was finished.

Hank stopped reading the paper there. He didn’t want any reminders of what happened that night.

He already had started fresh but there really was no reason. It was like she followed him.

So now he is a underwear sales man in Canada. One day his assistant told him a new costume shop was opening.

So he did his research and found out it was true. It was called Burt’s Costumes and other junk so Hank decided he would get a job there and he did.

He and Burt would go out to dinner at Jack’s grill.

One night he was too tired to go out to dinner so he stayed home and watched TV.

He heard a voice.
It was like Sophia’s.
It said to go to Burt’s but it also said there would be company waiting for him in aisle 3 so he went.
There were heads in that isle.
One started to blink. It was Sophia.
She said that Ronnie put an antidote on himself so nothing could kill him but one thing.
The spear at the museum, so he went to the museum. And sat in the stalls in the bathroom.

Finally it was closing time.
He didn’t know what to do.
But he saw the rain forest exhibit and the spear was high up so he swung on the vine and landed on the case. He pried the lid open and took the spear.

He didn’t know where he would find Ronnie. So he went back to Burt’s. She told him Ronnie was in Monte Carlo. So he got a plane but was claustrophobic.
So he didn’t want to go.

But she forced him.
He didn’t get a very good plane seat though. He was in a seat with farmers who were going to a contest in Monte Carlo called Who Has the Best Chicken.
The chickens were biting his toes with their beaks. He could tell it would be a long day.

Finally the plane stopped.
He pushed everyone out of the way and he fell in the airport too. But he went to the hotel he was staying at. Then he went where Sophia told him to go. He had to take a tour because Ronnie was in it.

He was going to pull him aside from the tour. He was scared. So all he heard was blah, blah, and blah. Finally he pulled him aside.

He said “Hey man what’s the big idea.”

Ronnie said this after moments of silence “What’s the big pointy thing in the bag, the only thing that can kill me is the spear.”

Hank said, “Actually yes.”
Ronnie pulled out a gun and all of a sudden Hank felt an urge of pain in his right shoulder.
Ronnie shot him. Ronnie started to bend over him to make his last move but with all the strength he had he stabbed Ronnie. Ronnie disintegrated.

Hank and Sophia lived happily ever after.
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Nice one good o'l pal.!!!!!!!!!
Posted February 28, 2012 at 02:03 PM by • Mari
Posted February 28, 2012 at 02:03 PM by • Mari
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