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Student Entries

Your assignment this week is a five paragraph essay regarding our visit to Queen Anne Manor and your interview with a resident. Your assignment is as follows:

*take notes during your interview
Remember, write two or three words to spark your memory. Don’t write complete sentences!

The first paragraph you will introduce us to the person you interviewed
First Impressions-
Notice her/his appearance
what did s/he look like?
What was s/he wearing?
Demeanor (happy, sad, grumpy, friendly)
What are some of the first things you thought?
Use what you know to capture your reader's attention!

Second paragraph you will describe something that was unexpected.
What happened that you didn’t see coming?
How did it affect your visit?

Third paragraph you will write about something that was difficult to overcome.
For example, perhaps the person didn’t seem like they wanted to talk to you, or perhaps your questions weren’t getting much of a response. What solution did you find?

In the fourth paragraph you will describe ways you are alike and different.
Similarities and Differences-

In the fifth paragraph you will close by explaining what the best part of the interview was.
Best of all-

I gave you headings to remind you what the paragraph should be about. DO NOT USE HEADINGS IN FINAL WRITING. Use transition words or sentences to take you from one paragraph to the next. I'll be giving you more instruction this week.
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