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Currently I am reading Maximum Ride the Angel Experiment by James Patterson. My friend Sam told me it was a good book, so I took her word and I find it very interesting. The main character is Max. Max is a superhuman and has the ability to fly. Her sister, Angel, was taken away by erasers, werewolf like creatures that are out to get them. At the point where I am in the book, Max and her family are on an adventure to get Angel back. Along the way they split up and face many obstacles. I find it interesting because there is always something new going on and it builds suspense, but I also think that it is boring because it is somewhat predictable at certain points in the book. Normally, I find most books extremely boring, but this book has changed my mind on all books. Finally, sometimes I find this book a little confusing because I find it hard to follow. I think it is hard to follow because you are following four different stories and six characters. I definitely recommend this book, but be prepared; it is a big book, and has 420 pages.

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