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The 3H Quest-

by Sue Halbert
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The 3H Crew is very excited to be a part of Trekking the Planet project!

Here is a message from Darren and Sandy Van Soye about their journey:

Our Journey is a 424-day, around-the-world trip to raise geography education awareness.

We plan to visit six continents and approximately 50 countries.

During the expedition, we will be taking approximately 12 hikes or "treks" to some of the most remote and unspoiled places in the world.

Travel will be by ground (boat, train, bus), where possible, to experience the world more closely and minimize our carbon footprint.

Our Mission is to bring geography to life and instill a greater curiosity about the world - its people, culture and our fragile planet - in as many young people as possible.

By following this journey, kids can increase their understanding of geography and develop an appreciation for the cultural and natural significance of places in the world.

Our Goal is to engage students by providing geography education modules: sixty (60) four-page weekly overviews (that correspond to where we will be) that use the framework of the Geography Standards of 1994 developed by the US National Council for Geographic Education.

We plan to send out weekly supplemental emails with our impressions during our journey, as well as images and video from the road.

To view their live tracker and to learn more about their journey, please visit: http://www.trekkingtheplanet.net/live-tracker


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