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5th Grade Reading and Social Studies---> The Reading Lab is where bright young readers come to discuss, through in-depth dialogue, literature that they are reading._____ The Social Studies Parlor is where students respond to critical questions related to different aspects of Social Studies, and then discuss their responses through thoughtful discussions.


teacher: Mr. Volkman

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      They could be in danger of other hoolies go to the cave and find bits and pieces of their kind, (because Beast 11 killed the ones in the cave) they would probably get mad and kill anything that they suspect might have done this.  Wouldn't you get mad if someone killed humans and you found bits and pieces of the humans?  If the hoolies track down Beast 11, how would the trio be protected by the natives when they and if they find them?  The trio also might be in danger because they could get killed as suspects of the hoolies, or just for lunch.         If they had just made friends with the hoolies, then they wouldn't be in this danger. 

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