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This is a great place for us to work on our writing and thinking skills! Make sure you are doing work that you can be proud of and that it represents your intelligence!

by teacher: Leah Berkman
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Moon dog
By Dave Crawly
Sea gulls take flight as she bounds through the surf,
unleashing a fountain of surf.
When the sun dissapears, the beach is her turf.
She rules at the end of the day.

In the shimmery glimmery glow of the moon,
she splashes up crystals of light.
A shadowy shape on the crest of the dune,
she howls with the salt winds of night.

At sunrise, when hikers return to this land,
and wave-seeking sufers appear,
only her paw print, embedded in sand,
reveal that moondog was here.

The reason I like this poem was because it was very descriptive and clear. I also liked the end ryhme. I would recommend this poem to someone who likes the beach or dogs.

By: Christina Rosetti
An emerald is as green as grass,
A ruby red as blood;
A sapphire shines as blue as heaven;
A flint lies in the mud

A dimand is a brilliant stone,
To catch the world's desire;
An opal holds a fiery spark;
But flint holds a fire

I like this poem cause it shows that sometimes the least pretty people can sometimes be the most helpful. All of my family really likes this poem.

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