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by CristianDD teacher: Denton Dynamos
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                                                                  The black tip reef shark is the coolest shark.  It is a small species of shark. Some public aquariums may have one. If you are planning to keep one of these mighty beasts you will need a minimum of 1000 gallons of salt water, that’s a lot of water. You will need to put a teaspoon of salt every 5 gallons. You need to get the salt at your local pet store because regular kitchen salt will contaminate your tank and kill your fish. Nobody wants their fish to die.

   Your ph level will have to be 7.7-8.4 or else your shark will stop swimming and eventually die. Due to the fact their very sensitive to water pressure, they should have very little water pressure. Their natural habitat is shallow coral reef. That’s how they got their name - black tip reef shark. The habitat should be in clear water black tips hate cloudy water. That’s like a really foggy day for us.

       The black tip reef shark has a maximum size of 6 feet. The world record was 6.6 feet in length from.  From pup to adult they grow 5.cm each month. They should weigh around 100 pounds at full size. The black tip reef sharks have torpedo shaped bodies with a dorsal fin. On the top of the dorsal fin there is a black tip like in the name black tip reef shark.   An anal fin, bottom fins to help them steer and not tip over, if the family carcharhiniforms tips over the will die, the black tip is in this family. 5 gill slots, a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, a low broad head, alert eyes, and a caudal fin or a tail fin

     The black tip reef shark has a powerful bite of 30 square pounds or more that hurts. They feed on crustaceans, fish, squid, sea snakes, sea birds and cephalopods. Larger sharks such as great white sharks, swell sharks and the endangered close to extinct mako shark will often eat them. Black tips are quick sharks and will sometimes eat dead fish on the bottom of the sea. That’s how they can work in the food chain. EN">Submerged swimmers are less likely to be bitten by the black tip reef shark than waders (waders-a type of bird)

mso-ansi-language:EN">    Black tips are found in the Pacific Ocean, coral reefs and sometimes in brackish fresh water if the are wandering mso-ansi-language:EN">. Black tip are not considered endangered but there are many fisherman who get false hooks and end up either letting the shark go or making shar mso-ansi-language:EN">k fin soup. Other people go to exotic places and go scuba diving with the sharks. Some people make creams and lotions out of the shark. They use the blubber and guts.

  Mating season for the Black tip reef shark is during warm weather, so the babies can survive. The moms usually have 2-5 eggs usually all the eggs would survive. Unlike almost all fish, shark young swim on the bottom so the mom will know if they’re there. They usually stay in pack of 10 or more sharks so the will most of the time live with there young all there live. Not many fish actually do this

   Black tip reef sharks should live at temperatures of 76- 78 degrees Fahrenheit. When a Black Tip dies it sinks to the bottom of the ocean floor and is often eaten by Bottom Dweller Sharks, or it would be eaten by a black or white tip Reef Shark. That’s the saddest part of their life.

“That’s such a sad sight boo hoo!!!!!”- Cristian


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Heyyy Cristian I'm Vanezza I think the story of the sharks is cool hahahah well ya i actaully saw one to it was pretty cool. Its supper cool to be partners in the project. Would you ever think of going back to see the sharks????? >.< SUPER MAN HAHAHAH LOL
Posted March 9, 2012 at 04:35 PM by • Vanezza
Posted March 9, 2012 at 04:35 PM by • Vanezza
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