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Angel Huynh & Carlia Dabel
Home room: 318
February 9, 2012
Greek Merchant Boats

Ancient Greece started in the 6th, century it was once one of the world’s largest shipping nations. Many Greeks were merchants who sold and traded things from one place to another. They sold things all around the Meditarrean Sea. The ships often carried wine, wheat, olive oil, perfume, glass, cup, vases, jewelry, clothing, and metal tools.
Greek merchant boat had sails instead of oarsmen’s. During the heroic period the Greeks had three types of ships oared galleys and round ships with sails and trireme. Greek boats are important because in ancient Greece they didn’t have that much food, plants or water. Because of the rocky lands, they have to trade for food. Most of the crops grown in Greece failed to grow before harvest season. They use merchant boats to trade for important recourse and things they don’t hat they don’t have at home.
Each town has at least two merchant boats. Traditionally a seafaring nation, the Greek-owned merchant fleet totaled 3,338 ships in March 2005, 8.7% of the world merchant fleet and 16.5% of world tonnage. The Greeks got things from advanced cultures like Egyptians, Phoenicians, Persians and anything else on the cost of the Mediterranean Sea and Black Seas.
Merchant ships were building with rectangular cloth sails. Navigating the ships was difficult. The Greeks had no compasses or charts. The Greeks use stars to guide them. No light houses warned sailors of dangerous coastlines inspite of these dangerous adventures. Sailors carried more and more goods.
Back in ancient Greece ships were very significant there were the easiest ways to travel them gather food and transported it to different places and most significant they use them in big wars and battles. They have different ships for different jobs: one warships merchant ship etc…
These merchant boats were important to us because the Greeks found out a new way to trade and import many different items, and a faster way to travel instead of using horses. Without the idea of trading and shipping the Greece and everyone who lives in it will sees to exist.
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