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by teacher: Leah Berkman





                       Could You Be Royalty?

Could you be royalty? Probably not. When kids think about royalty, kids usually think about  Cinderella,Snow White or other fairy Princesses. On the other hand some kids think about  real princesses like Princess Diana. Royalty

formed in medieval Europe centuries ago. What happened when a king died ? Well  when a king dies  his heirs would succeed him, usually according to the rules of inheritance of money and property. Other nobles would pass on their titles and positions to their heirs in a similar way. Not in every county people called a king a king. Here is a list of what  kings are called in different countries.....

  • Japan and Ancient Rome: emperor/empress

  • Ancient Egypt: pharaoh

  • India: raja

  •  Muslim countries: sultan

 So could you be royalty? Probably not the odds are realy against you.

Wonder words :

hail- to bow and praise real enthusiastically

royalty- a person who has royal blood

territories- land separated in certain areas


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