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All right, for the assighment to write about anything, I'm going to be sharing a story I wrote in either 4th or 5th grade, but I don't remember which so don't ask me which one it was.  Anyway, if your fans of the TV show Bakugan Battle Brawlers, then your probably going to ike this.  If not, then whatever. I feel like sharing it. so, here it is.


The boys are at it again!

Dan And Shun As Kids - fighting-kids, shun, shun-and-dan Pictures




“Vroom. Vroom.” Shun   said zooming his Octo man action figure around in the air. Play time outside in the park was always quiet, that is until Dan runs down the sidewalk screaming and yelling.

“Ah yeah! I’m gonna play on the swings and jump off the jungle gym!” Dan screams then stops as he sees the nifty Octo man action figure in Shun’s hands.

“Is that an Octo man action figure?” Dan asks running over to Shun.

“Yeah, why?” Shun asks putting the action figure down on the dirty ground.

“Can I see it?” Dan asks reaching for it.

“No! It’s my action figure!” Shun   screams pulling the toy away from Dan’s greasy hands. He had obviously finished eating a hamburger from McDonalds.

“Come on Shun I just want to see it.” Dan says making another attempt to get the action figure.

“No!” Shun screams getting up off the ground.

Dan springs up and grabs the action figure. Shun pulls it back. Dan tackles Shun to the ground “let me see your action figure!” Dan screams wrestling with Shun as he kicks and pulls on the action figure.

“No! It’s my action figure! You can’t see it!” Shun screams back kicking Dan in the knees.

“Just let me see it!” Dan screams and reaches for the toy for the third time.

“No!” Shun screamed again.

 Dan grabs Shun’s arm and sinks his teeth into Shun’s skin.

“Owwww! Mommy! Mommy! Help me! Owwww! Get off!” Shun screeches.

Dan doesn’t let go, instead he sinks his teeth in farther. Now blood is running off of Shun’s arm and dripping on the ground. Dan and Shun’s mother run over. Dan’s mom grabs Dan and pulls him off of Shun. Shun gets up and runs to his mom, tears running down his cheeks.

“Daniel kuso! What are you doing!” Dan’s mom asks him, but Dan was not giving up. He wanted to see that action figure and he was going to do it even if it meant the rest of the day in the time-out corner. He was determined to get a look at that action figure. He lunged toward Shun.  Shun shrank into a protective hug from his mom.  Dan grabs the arm with the action figure and tugs. Shun   screams and then turns around and tackles Dan to the ground. His mother immediately pulls him off of Dan and then pulls him back. Dan’s mom picks Dan up and pulls him back. Shun is hugging his mom.

“Daniel, give me an answer now or its two hours in the time out corner!”

“Let me see your action figure Shun!” Dan screamed completely ignoring his mom.

“Dan is that what this is all about! Come on I’ll get you an Octo man action figure tomorrow. Now come on mister!”

Dan wasn’t moving, instead he made a third attempt and lunged at Shun. He lunged and grabbed him pulling the action figure out of Shun’s hands. Shun   grabbed it back. Something fell onto the floor and Shun looked down. It was the head of his Octo man action figure. Dan didn’t waste anytime. He gabbed the action figure from Shun’s hand and looked at it triumphantly only to find the head gone.

“You broke my action figure!” Shun screamed at Dan

“Where did the head go?” Dan asked, looking around.

“It’s on the floor! Thanks a lot Daniel! You owe me a new one!” Shun   cried out grabbing the beheaded action figure from Dan as he picked up the head before running off. He ran right past his mother and straight for home. Dan stared at his feet, dumbfounded. Dan’s mom grabbed Dan by the arm and walked off with Dan sniffling behind her. He was in trouble now. He knew it. He was getting it big time.



Six years later…


“Hey grandpa I’m going to the park!” Shun called down from his room. Before he left he looked over at his dresser. On top of it was a beheaded action figure which Dan broke the head off when they were 5. Shun looked at his arm. The scar was still there. He was beginning to wonder whether it would be there forever.

“Your not going any where until you finish your ninja training!” Shun’s grandfather called up shaking Shun from his thoughts. Would he ever get some time to himself? Would he ever get some time away from ninja training or was he stuck with it? He was with his grandfather now and the old kook would pester him for the rest of his life about ninja training. That was final.

“Fine, but afterwards I’m going to the park grandpa.” Shun said zooming down the stairs. He had his bakugan holder strapped to his belt. He slipped off his shoes and placed the holder into one of his shoes.  He faced his grandfather letting him know that he was ready.


Ninja training lasted for an hour or so. Shun grabbed his shoes and strapped his holder, with a bakugan in each slot, onto his belt and ran out the door.  He practically flew to the park.


"What's up Dan?  Are you ready to be defeated for the 12th time?  You’re going down." Shun challenged Dan.

"Oh yeah Shun?  We'll just see about that!"  Dan challenged back

Shun and Dan pulled out a card and held it up "field open!" they shouted in chorus.  A stadium opened up and the sky turned into bright vibrant colors of reds, blues, greens, and blacks. "Gate card set!" they sang again together. “BAKUGAN BRAWL!” they screamed throwing one of their three bakugan down.

“Ventas Ravenoied stand!” Shun  screamed releasing a raven like creature with a body the color of teal blue or was it teal green?

“Pyres Saurus stand!” Dan screamed unleashing his warrior dinosaur like creature with a body of red and yellow.

Battle begin!” they shouted forgetting the real words because of their excitement that was building. If Dan beat Shun in this battle he would move up at least five spots higher than he was now. If Shun won this battle then it would prove to Dan that he could, well, beat almost anyone at bakugan and was truly number one. He was on the ball once again and it felt good. He had let it go for two days and he had slipped lower than first place.

“Ability activate! Wind storm!” Shun  cried out. He blew back Dan’s backugan. The battle went on quickly like this with Shun in the lead.

“Face it Dan! Your toast and I’m number one!” Shun   called out hoping Dan would give up. No chances of that though. Dan was very challenging when it came to things like a bakugan battle. This is the time I need to use my ninja mind control powers! I will make Dan eat 5 needles and then pick his nose and eat it! Then I will make him bite his tongue. Oh thank you grandfather for this useful lesson! Shun pushed into Dan’s mind and concentrated hard. Dan reached into his pocket and pulled out five needles, which came out of no where, and put them in his mouth, swallowed them, bit his tongue, and picked a really large, snot covered burger from his nose and shoved it in his mouth. He then screamed out something that Shun was surprised at “Thank you grandfather! I love you AND I LOVE YOU SKYRESS! BABY I’M HOME!” Dan practically shouted it. Skyress heard this and then popped out of her spot in Shun’s holder.

“Shun did you do what I think you did?” she asked Shun with scorn in her voice. Shun wasn’t listening, instead he stood wide eyed and Dan began coughing up blood. The needles had scared or cut his throat. Either way it was bad. Dan fainted and had left a pool of blood around him. Skyress turned to the mess.

“Apparently my question is answered. Shun what have I told you about that kind of power? I told you that you could seriously hurt some one and what have you done? You have seriously hurt some one! Why don’t you listen to me?” skyress nagged, which wasn’t like her.

 Shun never did answer her questions and completely ignored her nagging, instead he stood there dumbfounded at the fact that he could have possibly killed Dan, his best frienemy. Skyress didn’t like the idea of him ignoring her so she summoned up all of her strength, that she had cooped up in her ball form, and then pushed Shun forward only a centimeter, but even that got him moving “Dan! Dan, are you all right? Dan!”

“Oh, so now you care!” Skyress screamed at him as he ran to Dan.  shun, shocked and teary eyed, if any one knew he had killed a 9 year old he would be sent to juvey and that was just some place he didn’t feel like going to at the age of 10. It was some place he never wanted to go; at any particular age, If he thought about it.



So, yeah. when I was in elementary school, I was randomly surfing the google images of Bakugan, and found a picture like this and then got to wondering what it was like for them when they were kids, causing me to write this story. I do watch the show, but not a lot. I like the action and the plotline. So, this is my little spin on things. I have no idea what to call it, maybe a fan fiction or something. Anyway, yeah. Oh, and for those of you who are liking Calm Waters so far, I will be posting another story called Diaries of Jane. So, keep checking for it, although I don't know when it will post.



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O.O this needs so much editing! I am so mortified! I should have gone through this before i thought of putting it on my blog! I wrote it in 4th or 5th grade, so it shouldn't have been that hard to think of what would happen when a little kid wants something from another little kid. *smacks palm to forehead* sorry for all you people out there who read and this go " what was she thinking?"
Posted February 26, 2012 at 09:38 AM by • Kacie
Posted February 26, 2012 at 09:38 AM by • Kacie
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