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by teacher: Leah Berkman
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 Why aren't hamburgers made of ham?

     Sailors who traveled from Hamburg Germany to the United States often ate slabs of ground beef, and they named them " Hamburg Steak". People have so many opinions on who came up with the hamburger. People first started to put buns on hamburgers in the late 1800s. The hamburger Hall of Fame in Wiconsin thinks a guy named Charles Negreen. His customers said they would like his meatballs if they were more portable so he put ground beef in between 2 slices of bread. Here is one example that hamburgers are very liked by people. A man in Japan ate 10 hamburgers in three minutes. That is amazing!


Hamburg- A place in Germany

Ground Beef- What a hamburger is made of

Sailors- The people who first ate the hamburger but with out the buns

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