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by Natalie N teacher: Melanie Transue
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Free Speak

What I Am Saying:

Its howls summon me,
Always following me,
Its long bony finger seems to beckon me in,
Like a child's tale of something evil,
I can't resist it, curiously I follow it,
Wanting to know what it holds.
It then swallows, spinning me in terror,
Thrusting me down the cave of its throat,
In a blur of darkness and light,
Like if Alice in Wonderland,
But now it’s a horror story,
Its stomach drowning me,
Choking me with silence, for a moment my heart stops,
Then I open my eyes to a dark space with huddled children,
They seem to have been called by it too,
Swallowed and dying in the bowels of this monster,
This unseen unheard, unforgotten beast,
Only the brave and strong escape,
Others become smothered in it,
Some seemed consumed by the walls,
Some actually try to fight it,
But some have already slipped away.
This monster swallows our souls, our minds.
Our only hopes and our lives,
And if we do escape we are never the same.
It leaves scars, and it makes us insane.
It's something we shun, though sometimes,
It's something we crave.

They call this monster Loneliness,
It grows every day.
Consuming people whole,
Please, try, to run away.

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