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David Follister stood at the steps of the Kremlin; he knew his job would get him into trouble like this. He revised the plan one more time through his head and walked in. there he saw multiple bodyguards standing relatively close to his target. The moment had come but he had to avoid civilian casualties. The voice came. “The Kremlin will now be closing please exit.”

David watched the men and women leave glancing at the un moving fortification around David's target. The last man left and now the only people that were there were David, the body guards and the target. David whipped out a silenced sub-machinegun and took down the body guards. Two were remaining David brought up his pistol and missed a couple time but on his last two bullets he got them. His magazines were emptied and the target looked at him with an accepting face. David brought up his eight inch knife. He walked over to the target and readied himself for the thrust that would finish all of this.

When David got too about two feet from the target the targets eyes suddenly lit up in anger and then David couldn’t move his knife hand then he collapsed. He struggled to look up as the target walked away casually. David saw that his own knife had been thrust through his hand and into is chest. He thought quickly and using all his strength he pulled out the knife with his left hand and in one swift movement he sent the knife spinning.

The knife sliced through the air and hit the head of a civilian who had remembered that he had forgot his cell phone in the bathroom. The knife killed the man instantly not allowing him to see the bloody mess in the Kremlin. The target shrugged as he entered his Rolce Royce and was chauffeured out of Moscow to Romania. Agent 52-3.3 had failed.
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